Does my child need a tutor?

It is that time of year when you may be wondering…does my child need a tutor?  Here are some signs your child may need assistance outside of the classroom:

Preschool (four and half years old to Kindergarten)

  • has difficulty grasping a small writing instrument to make controlled movements
  • can’t recognize the letters in his/her name
  • does not speak in complete sentences
  • has another diagnosed developmental delay
  • demonstrating problems with number concepts

Grades K-5

  • difficulty forming letters when writing in print or cursive
  • consistently avoids reading activities or complains that reading is too difficult
  • has difficulty decoding words
  • does not understand what he/she is reading
  • is getting resource help during the school day
  • lack of confidence and/or does not attempt new skills
  • discrepancy between test scores and daily classroom performance
  • struggles with writing assignments
  • unable to grasp math concepts
  • tutoring has been recommended by your child’s teacher
  • needs to be challenged

What to look for in a good tutor?

  • kind and caring person
  • dependable
  • communicates effectively and easily with child, parents and teachers
  • qualified educator
  • enjoys working with children
  • has a love of learning
  • understands learning styles

If you believe your child needs a tutor for either remediation or enrichment, Little Scholars offers top-notch educational development sessions.  We are committed to preparing your child for school success with one on one attention.  We focus instruction in an environment that is designed to meet your child’s individual needs while catering to his learning style through engaging experiences. Our services can be provided in your home, at your child’s school, or in a location that is convenient for your family.

We encourage you to visit Little Scholars at to read about our approach to educating children!    For more information or to set up tutoring, please contact us at


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