Snow-bound kids? Great opportunity for fun and learning!

Like many Richmond moms, we’re stuck at home today with excited and antsy kids. This is a great time to have fun with the kids and a perfect opportunity to teach them something useful and that they’ll remember for a long time! Little Scholars includes these kinds of activities in their one-on-one tutoring and you can do the same on days like today:

1. Today is a great day for cooking with your kids! One of my all time favorites is pizza. Write the recipe on notecards and have your child read and follow the recipe. If your child is not reading yet, have them tell you the steps of how to make a pizza. Just like in our Bookworm program, you can look for times when you can have your child read as often as possible, even short passages such as recipe cards.

2. Playing in the snow is fantastic for developing gross motor skills. Did you know strong gross motor skills in your shoulders and arms is critical for fine motor development? What other shapes can they make by changing what they do with their arms and legs? It doesn’t snow enough here to include these in our Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes program, but you can help build their skills while having fun on days like this.

3. Write messages in the snow using a spray bottle filled with colored water or use water colors paints and brushes. Giving children a creative, fun exercise that practices their writing like our Writers Workshop program can start them on a life-long love of writing.


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