My Thoughts on the Richmond City Preschool Center

It has taken me a few weeks to gather my thoughts about Richmond City’s decision to consolidate the preschool programs into one location. I guess I was hoping that they would come to their senses and realize this is the wrong decision.

Over the past year, I have recommend Richmond City’s Preschool program to many families. Some of these families actually listened to me and enrolled their children! Wow, did I make a mistake this year!

I would have never recommended a program that takes children out of their home school and buses them half way across the city. I thought educators knew better than to take children out of their neighborhood school.

The city claims they will be saving money by consolidating the classrooms into one center that will be lead by a head teacher and no school nurse. I may not be a financial genius, but aren’t there significant costs in procuring materials and supplies for a new school, transporting the children, updating all the rooms to be suitable for young children, and building an appropriate playground for preschool children?

I know the City of Richmond has made their final decision. I hope those in charge are comfortable with their decision and can prepare the center appropriately before September. Hopefully, one day the city will be in a better position financially so they can make decisions that are best for the children.


2 Responses to My Thoughts on the Richmond City Preschool Center

  1. Wow! You GO GIRL! Isn’t it interesting that there is increasing pressure being put on young children to perform academically, yet those who are putting them under this pressure are unwilling to give them the foundation and support they need to be successful?

    • Yes, it is a very sad situation. It is amazing how they will not provide the foundation these children need to create a solid base for learning. Then they wonder why they have to spend so much money later to fix the holes in the foundation.
      Great to catch up with you yesterday Kristi! Looking forward to a new direction!

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