Middle Scholars

October 18, 2010

I have to be honest…Middle School was a struggle for me not only the academics, but the social aspect of middle school. Robious Middle School was a big school with LOTS of new kids and I was not the most popular anymore. Ugh! The thought of having to go through this stage three more times with my own children is scary!

Middle School students can be known as being an intimidating group of children to work with. Well, I have decided to take this challenge on, but not single-handedly, but with a great team of educators!

Middle Scholars is our new division exclusively for middle school students. We will offer the same personalized and rich approach to education, which is important for students of this age. Our goal for each student is for them to possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills that will promote student success across all subject areas. Building confidence and independence as a learner will provide your child with a positive academic career. We provide Educational Development Sessions as well as enrichment programs for middle schoolers coming soon to your home, your child’s school, or our learning academy.

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